Do You have Fears Blocking Your Success?


Are You constantly Feeling Stuck and Struggling to Achieve Your Success and Abundance?


Do You Feel Depressed and Can’t seem to Get Out of Your Depression?


Suffer from Low Self Esteem & Lack of Self Confidence?


Do You Worry about what Others Think Of You?


Are You a People Pleaser who can’t Say No without Guilt?


Do you find yourself Hurt, Demoralised Yet You don’t know How to Overcome Your Disappointments?


Are You Ready to Remove those Fears, Delete Your Low Self Esteem, Erase Your Abundance Blocks & FLY!



Experience the Power to FLY First Love Yourself & Achieve Greater Success by Discovering a BRAND NEW YOU

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  • Your Inner Secret Password

  • Unlock Your Secret Password To


  • Know The True Authentic Real You


  • Discover Who You Are, Your


  • Cherished Values & Deepest Passions, Longings, Desire to Create a Life You Love 

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Introduction to FLY First Love Yourself : Discover a Brand New You and how to gain the maximum value from the program

Introduction to Self Mastery

The first step to being authentic is to find out who you really are. 

  • Develop an understanding of self-awareness

  • Discover details about your personality and how you got that way


Discover Your Authentic Self

It’s impossible to live authentically without first discovering who you are. Self-awareness is crucial!

  • This lesson will help you discover yourself

  • Understand what is self-awareness?

  • How Self Awareness Influence your Relationships, Career & Happiness


10 Pointers to Self Awareness Mastery

  • Discover the 10 Pointers to Develop Increased Self Awareness

  • Know what Motivates you, Review your Habits and Deep Dive into Your Likes and Dislikes

  • How to Practise the art of Observing Your Self Awareness



Expanding the Knowledge of Who you Are

Who you are—your identity—is a powerful force in your life and speaks volumes to others who come into contact with you. Your personal identity includes more than just your thoughts and feelings. In this lesson, we look at some other things that help make up your personal identity.


Your identity plays an important role in your decisions and relationships.


Thinking about who you are will strengthen the connections among your mind, body, and behaviours.


Also, you can get a better handle of where you are in life as well as where you’re headed

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Knowing You : Who Are You?

  • Discover Aspects of who you are, Your family, friends, feelings thoughts and beliefs and how they impact you in creating who you are

  • Affirmations to support you in creating your new identity


Discovering Personal Identity

  • Examining Your Beliefs, Breaking Free from Disempowering thoughts to Allow new beliefs to shape your life


Power of Life Journaling

  • How to Increase your self understanding, thoughts and feelings through the power of Journaling

  • How to use Journaling as a tool to express your thoughts  to move from your conscious, unconscious self to your super conscious self

  • 6 Steps to Power Journaling Session

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Discovering Personal Values & Power of Passion

  • How to design your life around the things that you love most

  • How to identify your passions in your quest for self discovery

  • Soul Searching questions to start identify your true passion and life values

  • Prompts will help you tap into your wants, needs, desires, and fantasies

REVIEW : Review the concepts learnt in the 3 modules and how it has helped you gain a new perspective of the new You

About the Trainer

Professional Qualifications Suria graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Edith Cowan University Perth Western Australia and Illinois State University, USA, majoring in Nutrition and Consumer Sciences. She also received her formal training in teaching from the Nanyang Technological University/ National Institute of Education, Singapore where she graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

  • Suria is an educator, public speaker and a qualified nutrition educator (nutritionist) by profession

  • FB Queen Ranked #1 FB Social Media Influencer in Singapore 100 million views | Million Dollar Record Breaker $10Million Sales on FB without Ads

  • Celebrity Weight Loss Nutritionist with 30 TV Shows on MediaCorp TV

  • 6 x International Best Selling Author of Anthologies with Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield.

  • Invited to closed door events with Sir Richard Branson, Featured on Wall Street Journal as Top 20 Game Changers

  • TEDx speaker

  • Featured 14X on CNN for her Inspirational Social Media Entrepreneurship Movement

  • Featured in local media, TV, Radio and magazines and has spoken to over thousands of people in seminars and workshops on Academic Learning Skills, Self Empowerment and Wellness workshops on Nutrition, Women’s Wellness and Weight Management issues both in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Creator of Passion Purpose Profits and iSuccess Academy Helping Individuals Discover their Passion, Clarify their Purpose and Turn it into Profits with Future Ready skills of Turning Smartphone to Cash

Suria is widely known as an Inspiring Force for Women Empowerment & Social Entrepreneurship supporting the underserved, such as retrenched workers & single mothers with Social Media Skills that Pays the Bills

Suria was a former school teacher who quit her job to pursue her passion as an entrepreneur. She has lost over $580K in her business Ups and Downs, was a homeless single mum, who pulled through her depression to Soar like a Phoenix from the ashes. Later, she became a Top Million Dollar Record Breaker in her Wellness Industry with over 10 Million sales a year using Facebook Marketing and Personal Branding Strategies.


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