how can i make money on FB?


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Can I Earn Without Experience on FB?

Yes, you can earn without selling if you know how to use Facebook features well.

Selling is a skill. Its an art and science. It takes time to master.


  • Many don't know how to sell

  • Many are from employee background means they earn by working for a boss. Clock X hours Earn $X income.

  • Without sales skills you will face rejections and rejections can be painful and brings your morale down.

So that's why most business fail because many people are passionate but don't know how to sell.

Without selling skills you can't earn if you want to use Facebook, earning money on Facebook requires selling skills such as:

  • How to post on Facebook

Many cant write persuasive posts so end up no sales.


  • Find a Done for Your selling system on Facebook

  • Means you don't have to sell

  • Sales done for you

  • You don't have to write persuasive postings on Facebook

  • Facebook Postings done for you

All you need to do is use easy simple ways on Facebook that you can do 10 minutes a day

❌ Without annoying people
❌ Without pushing people away
❌ Without selling

The FB 2020 MobilePreneur : Future Ready Skills & Facebook Income Strategy System is a Copy Paste system

FB 2020 MobilePreneur = Most powerful trends on FB in 2020 and beyond .

So the system is all Copy Paste for you !

Sales system & FB Postings Copy Paste

95% of the work done for you
You just work on the 5% Daily and it takes 10mins a day 

How Much Can I Earn?

You can earn $119.40 per sale.

You can earn $119.40 a day, a week, a month or a year


You can also earn $1194 a day a week, a month or a year


You can earn $11940 a month, a year

It's a blank cheque

Worst case you only earn $119.40 per year or $1194 per year

Best case is you can earn $1194 per month or X 12 mpnths = $14 328 extra cash a year

We have testimonials of people earning $119.40 a day up to $1194 a week

We have testimonials of people earning $11940 a month

Majority of newbies should expect to earn $119.40 a month in their first few months

If you find this slow, this is NOT for you because FB2020 is NOT a get rich quick scheme

FB2020 is a Facebook done for you program with:

☑️ 10 months Latest FB2020 Strategies shared over 10 months Online to guide you step by step

☑️ 40 weeks Coaching via Online Weekly Copy Paste Total 40 FB Easy Copy Paste System Plus FREE BONUS
☑️ 2 days LIVE in person Training in Singapore ( Recorded for Global Members )

It is meant for

  • Newbies

  • People with zero knowledge and skills on Facebook

  • Busy professionals who want side income

  • Home makers who have kids and family commitments who can't attend live trainings and prefer to learn online

  • People with no business or products

  • People who can spare 10 minutes a day doing basic simple FB strategies

Income varies from earning $119.40 a year to earning $11940 or more year

Income depends on how coachable you are

If you are looking for get rich quick, go somewhere else, FB2020 is not for you!!

FB2020 is for you ONLY if you want to learn FB strategies step by step once a week : 10 Latest FB Strategies over 10 months + 40 weeks Copy Paste system and Earn as You Learn means you can start earning from lesson 1 already

Will everyone earn after lesson 1? ===> YES and NO

Not everyone is the same in their pace and understanding.

Some make money on the 1st day in FB2020
Some take slower time and pace

So income varies from different people based on how they can follow simple instructions

Azlin Malik

Azlin, she was a former Bank officer at one of the Top banks in Singapore who quit her job to earn $94K in 9 months


Syarafina a mother of 5, housewife, made $77K in 6 months using FB Strategies ..


Nabila a single mum, who came to me with $10K debts coz her husband left her with a baby...she cleared all her $10K debts in 2 months!

Is FB2020 suitable for me if I am in a business or have my own product?

If you are in real estate, insurance or direct sales YES FB2020 will be suitable for you

FB2020 teaches about 10 Latest FB STRATEGIES trends coming up in 2020

It is catered to newbies and those no business/ products.

If you are in real estate, insurance, Direct sales or online seller.

You can enroll in FB2020 learn the 10 FB strategies and TWEAK it to fit your own business because FB2020 is customized for those without products/services


Yes You can learn the FB2020 STRATEGIES but you need to tweak it to fit your own business


FB 2020.png

Module #1

Facebook Cash Machine Blueprint

+ How to Turn FB into an ATM Machine

+ Building Your Automated CASH Machine Step by Step

Module #2

Super Fans to Super Cash

+ Stay on Top of Mind With Your Customers and Prospects

+ Remain Relevant and Timely

+ Build a Loyal Following & Engage Your Audience via Engaging Posts DAILY Without Stressing

+ Build Know, Like & Trust Factor in Your Business

+ Create Messaging That Finally STICKS

+ Turn Social Media Followers into BUYERS

+ Generate Sales ON DEMAND

+ Roll Out Offers Confidently

Module #3


+ How to Set Up Facebook Into a Long Term Asset Like Real Estate Investments!

+ How to Reach Over 1000 Genuine & Targeted Audience

+ Discover Simple Low Budget Strategies & Techniques to Attract High Quality Friends on FB

Module #4

NINJA CASH on Facebook

+ The ONE Overlooked Tool on Facebook That Can Help You Earn Automatic Monthly Cash

+ 3 Ways to TAP Into Its Hidden Treasures

10 month elite membership


10 months Elite Membership

+ 10 Latest FB Marketing Strategies Shared Once a Month Online to Guide You Step by Step



+ How I Achieve Over 300k Fans & 100+ Million Post Views on FB With Proven Methods You Can Use to Increase Your Fans, Friends & LIKES

Live Coaching X2

+ 2 Live Coaching Call for Q & A in 1 Year

2 Days Live Masterclass Intensive

+ 2 Days LIVE in Person Training in Singapore

+ 15th & 16th Feb 2020

+ Recorded for Online Access for Global Members

Affiliate Opportunity

+ Make Money as an Affiliate

+ Earn 10% per Sale

+ Plus 1 Year Affiliate Marketing Coaching

+ How to Sell via 40 Easy FB Copy Paste System Worth $2,000 Shared Online Weekly




Attracting Prospects Who Pay

+ The Laser-Focus Blueprint that Guides You Step-By-Step on Exactly What to Do When You First Start Your Instagram Account

+ Create a Double Whammy Effect on Instagram That Will Double Your Branding, Double Your Prospects, and Double Your Cash

+ Leverage The Branding Formula Strategy of Instagram So You Magnetize Your Prospects to Your Page Like Bees to Flowers

+ 5 Ways You Can Create a Super Sticky, Super Glue Instagram Page That Will Attract Prospects INSTANTLY 

+ 4 Deadly and Costly Mistakes to Avoid (Not Knowing This Will Damage Your Reputation on Instagram) 


The Santa Claus Technique to Make Your Prospects LOVE You

+ How Be Unique, Brand Yourself, and STAND OUT From the Millions of Instagram Users, with “The Santa Claus Technique”

+ The Master Branding System That Will Position You as the “Go-to Expert” So You OUTSHINE All Your Competitors


Turn Instagram Into Your Power Website

+ The Most Under-Used Feature on Instagram That Can Replace a $3,000 Website

+ The 3 Simple Tools to Maximizing This Feature To Build Instant Rapport With Your Target Audience

Module 4

Unknown to SUPER Known Growth Strategy

+ How to Get Your Page From Complete Unknown, to SUPER Known on Instagram. (You NEED to do this, or else you get drowned in the sea of MILLIONS of ever-increasing users)

+ The Biggest Mistake that Newbies Do That Makes Them LOSE Hundreds of Potential Prospects

Module 5

Get Viral Fast

+ Want Your Post to Go VIRAL? Ever Seen a Post With 10k Likes? This Method Will Help You Turn Your One Post to 10k Likes

Remember: Likes = More Followers = More Prospects = More $$$

+ 3 Hacks to Have UNLIMITED Viral Content, So You Never Have to Think About What to Post Ever Again

+ The 4 Steps to Get Followers to WILDLY Comment, Engage and Get Super Excited About Your Post That They Will Share it With Their Friends 

+ The Yin and Yang of Instagram That Will Guarantee MASSIVE Results (This is SO Powerful That Once Applied, Your Instagram Will Becomes a Prospects Generating Machine)

Module 6

Super Size Your Brand!

+ How to Reach Out to 50k – 100k of Your Target Audience on Instagram, Even if You Have ZERO Followers Right Now, WITHOUT Burning a Hole in Your Wallet!

+ Hate Prospecting Your Friends or Family Members who Ignore or Criticise Your Business? This ONE Technique Will Attract FRESH Leads Without Ever Asking Your Uncles or Aunties to Buy From You!

The 6 Step Formula That Will Make Your Prospects STOP Everything And Pay Attention To Your Offer

+ How to Get MEGA Influencers With 50k + Followers to Say YES to Promoting Your Products and Services (This Method Will Make You STAND OUT From Their Thousands of Followers) 

+ How to Design a Visually Appealing Instagram Post In Under 10 Mins FOR FREE, Even if You Have ZERO Editing Skills

Module 7

Get YES, YES, YES, With The Prospect SuperGlue System

+ Attract Prospects Without a Website Using a FREE Tool That Takes 20 Mins to Set Up

+ The Ultimate Online Sales System That Filters Unqualified People, So You ONLY End Up With Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy

(This Saves You Valuable TIME From Dealing With People Who Goes MIA {missing in action} After Enquiry)

+ How to Use the Super Glue System and Wake Up Everyday With New Qualified Prospects Begging For Your Attention

it’s time to get your business viral on Instagram


Online Videos Released Monthly

You Get Unrestricted Access to videos with PROVEN Instagram techniques not known to 95%+ of those in Network Marketing, Real Estate, or Sales.

1 Module released a MONTH over 7 months, so you can learn Instagram Step by Step, WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed


Live Training With IG Queen Mirrah!

You Get a 2 days Live Event Introductory Course to Kickstart Your Instagram Growth, and get Direct Guidance So You Can Start Getting Leads Right Away!

If you are not able to attend, it will be recorded, so you can have access to it online  


Access to Private Mastermind Facebook Group

You Get MONTHLY Mastermind Facebook Live Videos from Mirrah to Help You With Any Roadblocks you have when Launching Your Instagram Page

Terms and conditions:

  • Payment has to be made in full before enrolling for the course

  • Course fee is non-refundable. You may transfer the course to another person, but the course fee is non-refundable.

Who is the Trainer?

Suria Sparks


Suria was a former school teacher who went through many challenges in life and business and when she found Facebook it changed her life!. She used Facebook to grow from 0 to 100 million viewers worldwide.


She has been ranked Singapore No 1 Facebook Public Figure Influencer and rated the Most Influential person online.

She made $10 Million sales in 10 months using her own formula of Facebook Marketing and received the Highest Million dollar Record breaking sales in her wellness industry.

 Suria has been invited to share about her FB Success at:

  • Singapore Top University, National University Singapore (NUS)

  • Business school, Singapore Management University (SMU)

  • Harvard Business Expert Forum held at Harvard University Boston USA + received Mentorship Award for being a Great Mentor to so many in their business and life endeavours.

  • Entrepreneur Conference held at United Nations New York USA

She is also the Top 1% Most influential person online in the Fast Magazine contest.

She has been featured on the Wall Street Journal as the Top 20 World Game Changer

6X International Best selling author in an anthology series with Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield

Spoken on The World Most prestigious Stage as a TEDx speaker.

Invite speaker at Singapore Largest Business Summit at Suntec Convention Centre by Brand Minds Asia with World No 1 Social Media Legend GaryV, sharing her 10 years experience on FB.

Invited to meet Richard Branson privately in person due to her affiliate Success using FB

10 years experience figuring out these underground Facebook Strategies

Graduates of Suria's programs include have reached CELEBRITY FACEBOOK STAR Status and have become Highly PAID FACEBOOK INFLUENCERS!


☑️ 10 Latest FB Marketing Profit System Strategies shared Online to guide you step by step

VALUE $5000
NOW ...Full Pay at $1997 ( One Year Access ) 


$97/ month 

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☑️ Our Biz Partner gets365 Done for You Copy Paste Value $12,000

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☑️ BONUS MONEY DETOX End Your Money Struggles to Achieve Financial Freedom $350

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