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Follow this proven method to attract attention, engage and retain patients or clients, and even introduce the people you help to virtual care. A 12 months Coaching Program is included. 

365 days Challenge & Coaching


Attract Leads Who Join You

How Smart Entrepreneurs

Are Thriving During These Turbulent Times


Hey There!


I’m Suria and I help Entrepreneurs to grow their business through amplifying their Facebook Social presence, using my proven Social Media Marketing Strategies.


For the past few months, I've been helping many working individuals turned part time entrepreneurs like you navigate through these turbulent times, find abundance, and even GROW their client lists. 


One of the most effective ways to attract and retain clients online is with a simple system I call Magnetic Marketing.


For the past 10 years I've helped people looking for side income grow their business through authentic and ethical marketing methods online. It's my passion to help people like YOU to succeed!


Over that time I've developed a very simple, duplicable system for generating clients using an approach which requires very little (if any) time or attention.

When done correctly, the people I work coach are able to attract more leads and customers in a nearly 100% automated fashion. 


Normally, I only build Magnetic Marketing campaigns for clients in a one-to-one setting and it can be fairly pricey (because it works so well). 


Right now, on this page, I'm offering access to a system which allows you to implement my Magnetic Marketing campaigns, get the same results, and pay a fraction of what it costs to hire me one-to-one. 


This is a limited time offer, and only being offered in light of what's going on in the world right now. 


So, if you'd like to utilize the tools, templates, and campaigns I use on my own business, grab your copy of the Magnetic Marketing Formula today!

Rome isn't built in a day 


Likewise Success in Growing Your Online Biz takes 





Self Inner Growth

90 days have gone by... So, Why aren't you growing your biz? 

You aren't attracting qualified leads

You have no confidence in closing 

You leads don't reply 

You fear Rejection 

Honestly I don't blame you.

20 years ago when I started my business. For 6 months I was struggling too. I had quit my job. 

The Business is all I had for income, nothing else.

I paid SGD $550 per ad in the newspaper ( this was before social media era). I ran 2 ads a week 

So my total marketing cost a month was SGD $4400 a month!

On top of that I had to pay rent and utilities for my office = SGD $2500 a month. I also had spent on renovating my office. All my savings gone to start this dream business.

What happens? 

6 months I paid a total of $80,000 in rental,  ads,  servicing interests from Credit Card Bills 

I ended up with ZERO customers! 


$80,000 spent = ZERO ROI !!

I was not only disappointed. I was devastated, angry,  frustrated with myself. I started blaming everything that isn't working. But all those negativity could not help me move forward, it drained me further. It didn't help that my husband then, wasn't supportive as he would always say these words 

"Where is the Money in your business??" 
"When will your business take off? "

And when the lawyers letters came for my unpaid Credit Card bills came, he poured salt to my wounds. He said, "You are such a burden to the family."

I felt horrible worst of worst. I broke down and cried buckets. And that's when I found personal development. I gradually picked myself up again by shifting my mindset.

I started to master marketing. That was when everything changed and money started pouring in. So you see,  I understand when I see you struggling even through the 90 days challenge. I'm observing and this has been at the back of my mind since.


What else can I do to help you succeed? So I decided to create a 365 days Challenge.

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365 days Challenge & Coaching 
Attract leads who will Join You 

Why 365 days?

Coz, it takes time to Master & Apply New skills 

Some of you have been drowned with too much negative money stories for more than decades!!  

So,  the 365 Days Challenge is meant to SHORTCUT the process for you 


Here’s What’s Included In The 365 Days Challenge Package:


  • Get Leads without you dealing with  Rejection from Tire Kicking ones ( the ones who aren't the best match to start with!!) 

  • Attract Super Motivated Leads,  who Genuinely  WANT what you have 

  • Create an Automated Recruitment System so you only talk to Real Qualified Ones ( This is how I generated thousands of leads that lead me to the $10M sales) 

FB LIVE Influencer Income 

  • 7-Steps Formula to FB Live that Magnetize Leads to You 

  • Secrets to Magnetic FB Live Presence so Your Audience will always be easier to watch your Live 

  • Growing Your  Audience Watch List  ( even though you are a Nobody) 

  • Boost Engagement : How to get More Likes,  Comments and Shares to get Your Video More Known ( The more you are known the greater your chances of Attracting more audience) 


  • Tap into Your Genius Zone to Discover what makes you Stand out from the rest 


It's hard to do this alone coz of poor self image 

  • Your Brand Message : How to Share so People will Listen and Pay Attention? 

It's a noisy crowded space so why should people listen to you?  

Knowing this will help you breakthrough the noise 

  • Why do some people attract more leads faster?



No one takes action when they don't yet trust you 

Trust is the New Currency of the world 

You will master how to build your credibility like a pro with proven Trust Game changers 

LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA Strategies that work for Network Marketing Biz 

Bye Bye old methods 
Hello New ones 

In network marketing , it's not what works 

It's what's duplicable that's key

Discover what's the ones you can skip and what you must take note of as future marketing trends esp for network marketing biz 

Get the YES!  

Why the right people disappear? 

How to ensure you use the right scripts so your targeted prospects will respond & connect

This will help you turbo charge your relationship building without taking months of just building relationships

You want to take the relationship to a YES as soon as you can and convert quickly!  


The plan to attract Your Tribe that vibe!


Daily Scripts Simplified to make you look human and not like a robot when connecting with prospects so you can confidently close with ease 

and more !

In Summary....


Magnetic Marketing Formula 

5 Top Best Social Media Strategies 

Confident Closing with Ease, getting the Yes with No Sweat & Pressure 

FB group Secrets 

FB Live Influencer Income

Monetize Your Personal Brand 

And More.... 

It's a 12 months, 
1 Year Coaching Program
Conducted Monthly over 12 months 

Public Rate will be launched at USD $397 

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Gold & Diamond Member
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It's only USD $197 or Top Up $124! 

Easy Pay Available

Yes! You can offset with the deposit you have paid 

FREE 3 sessions (for those in the 90 Days Challenge ONLY) 

You will Access 3 sessions of this MAGNETIC MARKETING FORMULA over the next 3 weeks 

Get Everything You Need to Build a Strong Online

Following and Attract Leads and Customers…



At the end of the 3 weeks. You can Upgrade

Step Up and Uplevel Your Game to the 365 days MAGNETIC MARKETING Challenge 

*Yes You offset from Your Deposit and Top Up the Balance. Full Pay or Easy Pay.*


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