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Are You Pushing Success Away From Your Life?

Are you actually pushing away all the success that is waiting to come into your life?Strange isn’t it that in life, this is what you want. You’re going all out like this. Going

for everything that you want. But deep inside, you’re feeling this way about yourself.

And when I say you feel this way, that means you don’t feel like you are deserving of success. You don’t feel that you are worthy enough to be able to embrace, allow and accept the success that is coming into your life.

For example, you want to lose weight and you are losing weight. And you’re looking good. And people are really commenting about how good you look. And deep inside you, you have a sense that, “Is that really me?”. “Do I really look good?’. And you have this conflict within you. Or, you want to be successful in finance and here you have money and opportunities coming into your life and you start feeling like, “Do I really deserve it?”.

To a point that maybe you feel guilty about achieving your success. So what you do? You self sabotage yourself. And by pushing away all this success, you’re telling yourself that, I don’t deserve it. I’m not worthy and I don’t deserve good things in life. And by doing that, you’re pushing all this success away.

So solution for that is that for you to realise this and be aware. And to do positive affirmations yourself. And to tell yourself that you are worthy and you are deserving of all the good things in life. So that you can ask for what you want and feel deserving of what you want.

So question of the day. Have there been any time in your life where you feel that way about yourself? If you don’t deserve certain good things in life and you self sabotage yourself.

I love to hear from you. Comment below.

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Suria Sparks

Creator & Founder iSuccess Academy

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