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How Can Facebook Marketing Help Your Business?

Facebook’s full potential to help you grow your business can be difficult to grasp at first glance, but there are specific benefits of leveraging the platform’s marketing features.

Here are our favourite ways in which Facebook has helped us grow our own business!

Facebook Marketing Will Help Your Business To Reach The Perfect Customer

One of the most defining characteristics of the Facebook Advertising platform is its powerful targeting capabilities. With Facebook ads you will be able to hyper-target your audience down to the minutest detail.

Facebook Ads not only allow you to target an audience based on common attributes such as gender or location. It will also let you target audiences based on their interests, on the things they don’t like, on very specific stuff such as band pages they follow, even on who they are friends with.

All that means that you’ll be able to reach the exact type of people that you need to like your business page, even if they don’t end up buying from you initially.

1) Facebook Marketing Will Help Your Business Attract More In-Store Visits

One of the coolest capabilities of Facebook ads is that they allow you to target people that live a specific distance from your business, or people that live close to your competitor’s businesses, or both, which creates opportunities to encourage in-store visits.

2) Facebook Marketing Will Help You Advertise Your Business For Cheap

Running Facebook ad campaigns is cheap, and remains cost effective for even the smallest business on the tightest budgets. You can easily start running ads for $1 a day and then to push it from there once you start seeing positive results.

3) Facebook Marketing Will Help You To Easily Engage Potential Customers

Facebook will allow you to natively interact with your potential customer base in ways that aren’t possible on other platforms without some heavy tinkering. On Facebook, you’ll be able to set up contests, promotions, to offer coupons and discounts, to promote events, and to manage exclusive groups and communities built around your business. And you can easily do it all without ever leaving Facebook!

4) Facebook Will Help Your Business Reconnect With Past Customers

Facebook is not only a native advertising platform, it also doubles as a remarketing platform. Remarketing is the use of advertising strategies to reach back to customers that have interacted with your business in some form in the past. These could be website visitors, people who did not complete purchases on your online store, or people on your mailing lists.

With Facebook remarketing, you will be able track those lost customers on Facebook and to serve them ads there, which will encourage them to engage once again with your business!

5) Facebook Will Help You Establish A Full Marketing Hub In One Place

On Facebook, you will be able to leverage basically every feature for marketing purposes, because you will be able to serve video ads, to launch live video marketing sessions, to promote all types of sweepstakes and offers, and even to integrate your own store within your page!

Additionally, you will be able to integrate a huge number of third-party marketing tools and services into the platform in case that you need to boost your efforts!

And the cherry on top? With the exception of paid ads and paid integrations, you can do it all for free!

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