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How Do You Overcome Life's Challenges and Obstacles?

“How do you overcome life’s challenges and obstacles that comes to you, one after the


That seems to keep knocking you down over and over again. You feel so overwhelmed and almost drowning in this sea of challenges that never seem to end. How do you actually pull yourself up after each knock down?

So truth is that it’s not how many times we fall, but it’s how many times do we get up? But how do we get up? How do you actually pull yourself up?

Now there is one way for you to do that and for you to be able to stabilise your life. Regardless of whatever happens to you. And that one and one only way is for you to strengthen your emotional muscles. So the muscles inside is not about going to the gym but it’s similar.

An example of going to the gym is to build your muscles. But this is not the physical muscles. This is your emotional muscles. And how do you manage your emotions and strengthen your emotional muscles, that is how well you’re going to keep coming back up again every time life knocks you down. Now what are the ways for you to strengthen your emotional muscles?

There are many ways for you to do that. But one of the easiest way is for you to not deny your feelings the you’re experiencing down time moments. But to feel it and then you deal with it. And that’s how you heal it. And a very easy way for me to always handle my emotions is to journal.

That means to express it instead of to depress it. Because when you depress it, you go into depression. So how do you express your emotion as a way for you to manage your emotion? Is to keep a journal and write your thoughts and emotions and feelings so that way you can allow your feelings to be expressed out. And then you are able to handle it and to deal with it and to heal it.

So question of the day. How do you handle life’s challenges when it knocks you down? What are your strategies for you to strengthen your emotional muscles? I love to hear from you. Comment below.

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