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How Do You Protect Yourself From Toxic People On Social Media ?

So have you been in a situation where you have got trolls or keyboard warriors, people who comment very mean and nasty stuff on your post? Or they write some thing about

you and make very very nasty comments.

Taking words out of context from your post and then sharing it on your wall. And making reference directly to you. Have you been in such situations before where you have haters on social media?

Well, I have. So what we need to do, as part of self care and loving ourself, is to learn how to set boundaries. After all, if you have a garden, you wouldn’t allow people to throw poisonous seeds into your garden. Isn’t it?

So what I do for toxic people that comes on social media? Simple. You can delete their comments. Yes you can do that because after all, it is your wall. And it is your space. And it is up to you what you allow and not allow on your own wall space.

Treat your Facebook wall space like as if it’s your home. Imagine if you have a home, would you allow people to dump rubbish into your home? You wouldn’t, would you? So

likewise, you can just delete their comments.

You can, 2, unfriend them. 3, block them. So these are the 3 things I would normally do. So I’ll delete of the post or the comment. Or I’ll unfriend them or I’ll block them. And when I’ve done that, that gives me a lot of room and space to have my own space to my own inner work. So that I can clear off this toxic energy as I learn to make amends

with me and my emotions. And then learn to release it off.

And finally to forgive. Question of the day. How do you deal with toxic people on social media? Comment below. I love to hear what you do.

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Suria Sparks

Creator & Founder iSuccess Academy

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