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How To Deal With The Toxic Enemy Within You ?

What if that toxic environment comes from within you? Yes. That means you become

your worst enemy. You are the one who’s constantly beating yourself up. You are the one who’s constantly having that self hate conversations with yourself. Whether it is you looking at the mirror.

Not liking the way you look. You condemning yourself and constantly comparing yourself with others. And just having that negative self talk all the time. And then pulling and sinking yourself into depression. So where do you run? At least if it’s an outside toxic environment, you can make the measures to get out of it. But right now it is within


So how do you get out of that toxic environment from the inside? My simplest suggestion, which may not be the end all answer but it is 1 way forward, is for you to express it out. Because if you do not express what is inside gets depressed. And you get

further into depression.

And the easiest way to express yourself out is to journal. That means to write out your

emotions. Everything that you’re experiencing. And to vomit it out on a piece of paper, everything that you’re experiencing in your mind, in your emotions. And then you express it out. Journal it out. And that will be 1 way to help you to relieve that toxic energy that is within you.

So do that. Create a journal space for yourself and start expressing yourself. So question of the day is, what do you do when you are going through those moments?

Where you are the one who are facing the worst enemy that is yourself. So what do you do? Comment below.

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