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How To Deal With Toxic Family Members ?

Yes, I get this question a lot.

When people say that, ok it’s easy for me to just delete people off my social media. Block them. Unfriend them. How do I do that when it’s like living with family members who are toxic?

So there are many different context to this. So I’m just going to pick 1example. For example you’re living with a toxic parent. Yes! Parents can be toxic as well you know.

So parents know it all. No, I choose to disagree. I don’t think parents, all parents, know it all.

Some parents are still learning how to parent. Parenting is not something that is easy. Parenting is not something that we’re born to naturally do. Most of us parent base on the way our parents parent us.

But the point is that, what if your own parent is toxic? I’m just going to give an example of one of our viewer who’s already in her 20s and she has got a parent, her own mother,

still beats her up. So now, given that kind of context and scenario, it’s very toxic because you have a parent who is still physically abusing you even though you’re already in your 20s. Who treat you like as if you are a child.

And if that affects you emotionally. Affects your work, affect everything that you’re doing in your life then you have every right for you to create your safe space and boundaries.

Now, there are a few things you can do. You can seek to get mediation from immediate family members or other family members that you trust. Like your aunties or your uncles. Someone that is elderly than your parents to talk to them.

Or if, worst case scenario, you may have to step out and seek solace out of the home. That means live with your friend for awhile or seek to be financially independent so that

you can have your own space. That may be a 1 drastic measure but that is that 1 possibility for you to explore.

Now it’s very very complex topic that I would not be able to condense within 1 article. But I really really would love to hear from you. Now that would be the question of the day.

How would you handle a toxic family member? What would you do? And what advise

would you give to those who are facing toxic family members?

Share your comments :)

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