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How To Deal with Toxic Family Members Part 2 ?

How do you set boundaries for yourself against toxic people. And in this case, family members. People closest to you.

So in the last post, I spoke about your parent. If your parent is the toxic energy. Then what do you do? What if the toxic energy is your spouse?

Yes. So when I say spouse, does not just mean the husband. It can also mean the wife. Right. So I’m not going to take sides but that when I say toxic energy coming from the spouse, it could be an abusive spouse. Someone who is verbally abusive.

Or at worst, physically abusive. Or even, sexually abusive. Not just to yourself, but to your children.

Being in this field, I’ve heard so many cases of spouses. In most of the cases, is the husband who would be physically abusive and at times also sexually abusive to the mother’s own children. Like as in the mother’s own daughter.

So what do you do when you have a husband who’s physically abusive? For me,

my just 1 straight answer is get out of it. Right. Get out of it. Seek the exact support that you need through different and various organisation and bodies.

And for women, you can go to AWARE. Connect with them and seek support and counselling. And find out what are the different ways that you can get out of that environment. You can also seek a protection order. Legal perspective to protect yourself from continuously being physically abused.

You would need to seek support and it is not easy. Especially for a wife who is financially dependent on their husband. So my main suggestion is for you to seek professional support. And get out of that toxic environment as soon as you can. Because no matter what, there is no excuse whatsoever for physical abuse and sexual abuse to

happen to you and within your family.

So make that step and take that action.

What do you have to say for those who are facing toxic environment? Especially physical and sexual abuse from their family members? What would you say?

Comment below. And this is very important. So really comment below because it can help someone who’s going through this right now.

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