Finally You can START Making Money with Ideas that Really Work so You can Makeover Your Business & Your Life 

To Create Ultimate Success that you have been Dreaming of The Difference Between an Entrepreneur who makes $40,000 a year and One Who Makes $100,000+ a year is MINDSET, MARKETING & LASER STRATEGIES & IDEAS that Works!

Of course, you want Freedom and More Money plus success 

But You lack the ideas, Know how's, Practical Step by step Strategies that works! 

Well, that’s about to Change.

Having a Business Idea that Works,  with Strategic Ideas Can Help You Create Consistent Income Month-after-Month AND Help You Break Free from Your Stressed Out Life!

That's Where being Part of the PPP Mastermind SPARKS Biz Coaching Opens New Doors of Possibilities for Your Success

So you don't have to 

Run around Wasting money on expensive Courses after Courses


Run Out of Ideas on how to Attract Best Customers for Your Biz 

✅ Worry about being Stressed with Lack of Customers 

Wait for weeks and months to launch your Biz and start making money  

Get Drained Out in Your Life and Biz with Overwhelm and Stress of Going Nowhere and always stuck

Successful Entrepreneurs are born through this Program where they get Ready to Implement Ideas , Branding Strategies that Make them Stand Out,  Attract Raving Fans – Earning Back Their Investment Over and Over and Over!

Saving them Tens and Thousands of Dollars, Hassles & Time



"I earned $4000 in 1 month! Simple step by step blueprint to follow. And it works!"

Who would have thought 10 years ago I was a Single mum who was broke and broken and was on the streets?

Life challenged me but I persevered and never gave up!

I seek Support and Mentorship!

I'm very Grateful now I'm able to help working mothers who desire to earn extra income online.

Through PPP Mastery and iSuccess Academy I'm able to teach others how to use their SmartPhones to give them Cash so that they can make themselves happy first, spend more quality time and give more for their children.


Mala Rama

Life Transformation Coach | Motivational Speaker | Online Biz Entrepreneur


"Made RM 3601 in a month!  "

iSuccess gives me the Opportunity to learn skills that schools and universities don't teach,  and I'm transformed in a short time to earn online and empower others


Dr Yolanda Hiew

Speaker| Trainer |

Online Biz Entrepreneur


"After each session, my brain’s lightbulb turned on..I gained clarity. And I know that she is training me not just to remain as an entrepreneur-to-be, but prepared me to be a trainer or coach to be."

I just completed an amazing PPP Mastery session with my business mentor Suria Sparks. 


I have witnessed how she coached her students step-by-step.


I am amazed that she has Super patient personality. My mentor Suria took close to 3 hours to explain over and over again...clarify after clarify...coach and coach until the student gained clarity.

 I am Super thankful that I have found a good school with a great mentor like Suria.


After each session, my brain’s lightbulb turned on..I gained clarity. And I know that she is training me not just to remain as an entrepreneur-to-be, but prepared me to be a trainer or coach to be. 


 I am so grateful that I have found a platform where I have learnt much not just in terms of social media skills, but have also grown in terms of my own mindset and personal development. 


Trade Execution Executive |

Online Biz Entrepreneur

Many of our members have easily transitioned to making money with their biz by applying ideas in our Mastermind,  some adding tens of thousands of dollars of passive income to their businesses without working so hard.

In fact, many of them finally broke through to 5 even 6-figures because they created now have Powerful business strategies that can attract their clients over and over again!

And they’re loving our PPP Silver Mastermind Sparks Biz Coaching program that has become their complete toolbox for turning money-making ideas into 

✔️ Great Income 
✔️ More Time 
✔️ Less Stress 
✔️ More Quality Customers 
✔️ Stress Free Life 
✔️ Enjoy more freedom to be with their loved ones 

You can too! 

When you are part of this awesome tribe to fast-track your success without having to always struggle and start from scratch of always being stuck!

As an Exclusive PPP SILVER MASTERMIND SPARKS Biz Coaching, you’ll get access to Bi-monthly library of Powerful content, training, worksheets, Ideas, Strategies  that you can start using immediately in your business.

Never Be Stuck, Worry or Struggle Again…EVER!

With Our PPP MASTERMIND SPARKS Biz Coaching Pass You’ll Get Loads of Ideas +Strategies, Blueprint that You Can Use to Create and Launch your Income Producing Biz successfully!

Content Ideas Strategies and Roadmap

( Valued at $300 each )



Online Shopping


How to Attract Potential Customers & Make More Money with Magnetic Postings on Social Media

Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.1 ( Value $300 )
How to Remove Mental Blocks to Create Winning Content


Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.2 ( Value $300 )
How to Post Exactly What Your Potential Customers want to see

Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.3 ( Value $300 )
Creating a Powerful Everywhere Presence on Social Media


Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.4 ( Value $300 )
Money Post Time & Place: How to Post on Best Times & Best Places to Post 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.5 ( Value $300 )
Simple Solutions for Staying Consistent with Your Posting


Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.6 ( Value $300 )
When to Give and When to Sell?
Formula for the perfect balance

Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.7 ( Value $300 )
Time saving strategies to post Best content 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #1.8 ( Value $300 )
How to Get  Consistent yet have Creative Ideas on what to Post

Total Value $2400

Image by Christiann Koepke


7 Formula to Attract New Clients even if You are a Marketing Newbie 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.1 ( Value $300 )
Discover 5 Simple Sparks of Marketing Magic 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.2 ( Value $300 )
How to Create the Most Attractive Client Attraction Magnet 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.3 ( Value $300 )
Fastest Way to Generate Quality Leads 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.4 ( Value $300 )
Tools to Magnetize Your Customers 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.5 ( Value $300 )
Video Marketing that Works 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.6 ( Value $300 )
Multiply Your Branding Power 

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.7 ( Value $300 )
How to Create Offers Customers can't refuse

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.8 ( Value $300 )
Turning Your Expertise into a Book

Sparks Strategy & Idea #2.9 ( Value $300 )
How to get the Orders Coming In with this Method

Total Value $2700

Bright Idea Bulb


Creating a Million Dollar Idea, Program or Course  

Sparks Strategy & Idea 3.1 ( Value $300 )
Treasure Hunt Method to Find What Your Customers Actually Want 

Sparks Strategy & Idea 3.2 ( Value $300 )
Creating Topics, Ideas, Branding that Grabs Attention


Sparks Strategy & Idea 3.3 ( Value $300 )
How to Stand Out from Your Competitors 

Sparks Strategy & Idea 3.4  ( Value $300 )
Birth of Your Power Name that Pulls Your clients Like SuperGlue 

Sparks Strategy & Idea 3.5 ( Value $300 )
Getting a YES from your customers 

Sparks Strategy & Ideas 3.6 ( Value $300 )
How to Ensure Great Success with this Test and Measure Method

Total Value $1800

Speed Boat


Business Detox & Spring Cleaning for More Abundance to Flow, More Money with Less Stress

Sparks Strategy & Idea 4.1 ( Value $300 )
How to Design Your Perfect Day

Sparks Strategy & Idea 4.2 ( Value $300 )
How to Design Your Perfect Week

Sparks Strategy & Idea 4.3 ( Value $300 )
How to Clear the Clutter in your Biz 

Sparks & Strategy Idea 4.4 ( Value $300 )
The ONE Strategy that Can Dramatically Change Your Life and Reduce your Stress 100%!

Sparks & Strategy Idea 4.5 ( Value $300 )
How to Release Overwhelm & Being Drained Out to Create More Ease in your Life and Biz

Total Value $1500

And More...

Experience Mind blowing Epic, Creative, Amazing Business Strategies & Ideas that Can Totally Transform Your Business 

So You can Make More Money, Grow Your Biz & Brand to Enjoy the Time Freedom, Save Money & Time, Spend More Time with Your Loved ones and Pursue what you Truly Love 

Create a Business & Life that You Truly Love 💜

As a PPP Silver Mastermind Member, you’ll have direct access to high-quality Ideas, that can help you design a Life and Business You Love, without spinning in circles anymore! 

You Could Literally Join Today and Start This Journey of  Making More Money with these strategic ideas, blueprint and Roadmap to Your success

With the PPP Silver Mastermind Sparks Biz Coaching Pass


All you have to do is combine our powerful Strategies and ideas with your brilliance and passion you can easily add hundreds (or thousands) to your bottom line–without burning out, or freaking out!

How To Get Started ?

Pay just $27 a month and get access to all of the proven tested money making ideas strategies and blueprint. 

Plus, get access to Bi Monthly Fresh content ! 


"Mentor Suria makes it so simple to understand the world of entrepreneurship. I look at it in a different positive way now. Thank you!"

I finally did something different for myself. I enrolled into PPP Mastermind and got soaked with so much tips and knowledge on WHY i should be doing business.

I've always thought that doing business or being a good entrepreneur is about having good products or services. But I was WRONG!

I really appreciate mentor Suria Sparks ability to shift my mindset through her many many tips and step by step guide.


She makes it so simple to understand the world of entrepreneurship. I look at it in a different positive way now. Thank you!

Wilson Cheng

Curtain Specialist |Online Biz Entrepreneur


"Attending these sessions has helped to strengthen my relationship with my wife and both of us have clarity and confidence that we can be successful in whatever we put our mind too."

I heard that it was impossible for married couple to grow and flow in the same river, so I decided to challenge myself.

I enrolled my wife and myself into the PPP Mastermind Program which was conducted by iSuccess Academy and we LOVED it!

The sessions were fruitful with abundance of knowledge and tips that we've not heard before.

Attending these sessions has helped to strengthen my relationship with my wife and both of us have clarity and confidence that we can be successful in whatever we put our mind too. And with teamwork between us, all is possible!

Mohamed Junaidi

Manufacturing Operations Supervisor | Trainer and Speaker 


"There's always Practical Steps that are Easy to implement and Results are Guaranteed once Action taken!"

Every Session is Full of Priceless Fun Wisdom that anyone can understand.

Suria Sparks makes me feel very motivated and sparked the FIRE within me thru her Simple Analogies and Cute Anecdotes!

There's always Practical Steps that are Easy to implement and Results are Guaranteed once Action taken!

I'm also Impressed by the PPP Mastermind team that made sure everything runs smoothly and all our challenges supported.

I'm GRATEFUL for this Opportunity to Absorb Knowledge from an Expert of High Calibre like Suria Sparks!

Truly helping us to Achieve our Passion & Purpose, and turn them to PROFITS!


Siti Teeya

Life Transformation Coach |

Online Biz Entrepreneur


What Will I get in the PPP SILVER 

MASTERMIND Sparks Biz Coaching? 

As a PPP Mastermind member, you get EVERYTHING listed on this page. PLUS you will get ALL of the Coaching Courses, ideas, Strategies & Blueprint for your success :

2 PPP Sparks of Strategies & Ideas monthly by Suria Sparks 

 Worksheets, checklists, Guide Book to guide you through the program 

There’s no waiting and no wondering “What do I do in my biz?” everything you need is right here to support you

Is this Program right for me?

 Even if you are a newbie or seasoned entrepreneur what you discover here is worth the money.

However, if you do use the content to apply  – then the value starts to increase very quickly.

Let’s talk numbers.

If you use this ideas to your biz, and gain extra 3 customers a month and you earn $10 per customer so just 5 customers a month you get back to earn back your money and as your customer base grows applying what you learn here, you will start earning a profit, too.

When will I get Access?

Once enrolled, you will be receiving an email with info on how to be part of our exclusive Telegram group 

and start attending the next PPP Mastery Biz Coaching session.


It is held Bi Monthly on Monday at 9.30PM SG Time and replay will be available via our membership site with log in details updated for your access

And then whenever we release a new item, we’ll update you via Telegram to let you know it’s ready for you to download

How Long Will I Have Access to the Materials in This Program?

For those who enrol in the membership, currently, we keep 12 months worth of content in the download area. Anything beyond 12 months gets removed to make room for new items.

This is why we recommend that you make a note in your calendar to login once a month to get the newest items.

You are entitled to materials of your current month you enrol in 

Example you enrol in October
You get all of October's  context

One month you get 2 sessions

Does My Subscription Automatically Renew?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew every month from the time you signed up to avoid interruptions with your service. You don’t have to worry about signing back up again after every month, or losing access to any of your downloads.

What if I Want to Cancel?

No problem. YOU are in control of your account.

With that said, cancelling is easy.  If you pay with a credit card, just send a quick note to our team and they can do it for you, easy-peasy.

While we hope you’ll stay, it’s imperative to us that you are happy. Our client care team will happily help you with your account and billing.

What if I Decide this Program is Not for Me, Can I Get a Refund?

Unfortunately we cannot give refunds on this program because you get access to thousands of dollars worth of packages + programs that you can download as soon as we launch, therefore your purchase in non-refundable.

What are the Terms of Use?

Currently, we keep 12 months worth of content in the download area. Anything beyond 12 months gets removed to make room for new items.

This is why we recommend that you take the time to download everything to your computer or to a dropbox folder as soon as you join, and then make a note in your calendar to login once a month to download the newest items.

You are entitled to materials of your current month you enrol in 

Example you enrol in October
You get all of October's context

One month you get 2 sessions

Your Purchase Does NOT Allow You to:


You may not sell or give away or copy the package or program in any way


Everything and every content shared is only for your personal use for your own business 

* These terms are subject to change. It is your responsibility to check the current terms before you use any of our workshops/programs/content in any way.

"Made $3,888 in my 1st Program Launch in just 3 Days after Training!"

Dear Suria,
There is no doubt in my mind now, that YOU are an amazing person with so much to give. Coming into your workshop, I wasn't sure if I was ready to take on the plans and ideas I have in my head.
You've totally changed my perspective. You made me realize that I have too much to give to the community. I will be applying the things I've learnt from you to my upcoming projects. The valuable tips and secrets you shared with me are empowering!
You've showed me how to put my plans into action. The world is going to see more of me soon enough! "

ISHQ- the Bridal by Nora Zee

"Business Strategies & Mind-Blowing Insights I gained from Suria lead me to Earn up to $4,000 in mere 3 hours!"

If you're searching for motivation, there are plenty available out there.
But if you're looking for inspiration PLUS simple, clearly defined step-by-step actions and how-to methods on starting your own successful money-making business,
Suria is definitely the person to go to.


The business strategies and mind-blowing insights I gained from her has lead me to making up to $4000 in a mere 3hours. You can't afford not to learn from her!"

Ustaz Mizi Wahid


"Suria’s Laser-Sharp Business ‘Mind- Sight” helped me earn MORE in 3 hours than what I made in one Month!"

Suria has an amazing, laser-sharp business 'Mind-Sight'. Within the moments of our 1st meeting, she zoomed in on what was blocking my business success.

The powerfully simple strategy she recommended I use uncovered my blind spot - & completely revolutionized how I saw & ran my business.

I was ecstatic that the 1st time I used her strategy, my sales in 3 hours jumped to 4X what I used to get in a whole month!

I highly recommend you to attend this Trainings conducted by Suria to learn simple, practical & low-cost WOW strategies that has worked so well for me. 

Harasha Bafana

Vice Chairman SMCCI | Trainer | Entrepreneur


"When I first met this amazing one-of-a-kind business woman, I was in a rut of inaction. I had so many ideas swimming in my head that I didn't know which one to pursue."

She asked me some questions and literally plotted for my success map... but any excellent coach could have done that. Suria's different.
She went the extra mile. She cared. She believed in me. She made me believe in myself.

Now, that's invaluable.

She shared with me the most important Principle...I've ever come across in business until today..

That alone is responsible for almost every success that I've achieved. It has helped me skyrocket my profits by 300% over the last 6 months!

If you're an Entrepreneur who is committed to skyrocketing your profits, then you MUST come for Suria's Trainings to learn her arsenal of WOW strategies!

Saiful Rizal

Founder Math Prodigies | Entrepreneur


"After I implemented ideas I got from the Mastermind , I earned $7902 OVERNIGHT!"

Suria Sparks is a good mentor. When you implement her advise, you'll get results.

After I implemented one of her ideas, I earn $7902 OVERNIGHT!

A real example of a 24hr challenge. Thanks Suria!

Sam Choo

Internet Marketing Coach